Convert Postman Collection to Apache JMeter (JMX)

Hey! , i know that you had thoughts about it before , so am i.

What if i want to move my API collection to JMeter to start a performance test run.

Should i do it manually , or use the JMeter “Test Script Recorder”.

i am here to offer two solution , but in one of them we have to do some setup 🤷🏻‍♂️.

1. Loadium Application (Online)

Loadium is a load testing tool running all performance test types over open-source tools, such as; JMeterGatling, and Selenium. It also provides a tool to testers for converting from Postman to JMeter.

We will use their trial version to convert Postman collection to JMX project as the following.

Steps :

1- Go to “”

2- Create new account or sign up using “Google” , “Github” or “LinkedIn”

3- Press “Create” as the following screen shot

4- Scroll down to “More Options” and click on “Convert to JMX”

5- Follow the pop-up dialog as the following screen shots

Select Postman collection from your computer

6- Press on “Download JMX”

7- Run Apache JMeter and open the downloaded JMX

Working perfectly!

2-postman2jmx (offline)

We’re going to use the postman2jmx converter on Github , you can find the link below :


you can follow this detailed guide :


We have to install the following :

1- To install Homebrew , paste the following line in MacOS terminal
(Git should be installed to be able to install Homebrew)

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

2- Download and install java from Oracle website

3- We are going to install maven using Homebrew , paste the following line in MacOS terminal

brew install maven

4- It is time to clone postman2jmx , paste the following line on the terminal

git clone

5-we have to build postman2jmx using maven which was installed before to be able to use it , paste the following lines to the terminal.

$ cd postman2jmx
$ mvn package

6- when the build is completed you should find postman2jmx in your mac os home folder as the following screen shot

7- Navigate to “target” folder in terminal and let’s convert our first file.

$ cd target/Postman2Jmx
java -jar Postman2Jmx.jar VAmPI.postman_collection.json my_jmx_file2.jmx

8- Conversion process will be as the following screenshot

9- Let’s try to open the converted JMX in Apache JMeter

Working perfectly!

That’s for today 🙂 , hope you find it useful.

Please share your tips, experience, comments, and questions for further enriching this topic of discussion.


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