What a performance test report saying about your system.

When evaluating a performance test report most of the times we are looking for the response time and specifically the Average response time. But if you take a deeper look , the performance test report elaborates more information. In this article I will use one of JMeter basic reports “Summary Report” as example to explainContinue reading “What a performance test report saying about your system.”

Performance Test Script Validation – Why & How?

The main goal for any performance test script simply is to work , but is this enough? I mean is it enough that your script has no errors ? No errors do not mean that your script is working flawlessly , you may get a 200 response code but the script functionality is not workingContinue reading “Performance Test Script Validation – Why & How?”

Factors that affect your performance test results

The performance test process is not a complex process but it has lots of things to keep an eye on , in this article I will focus on factors that personally I think it will affect your test results. I will try to demonstrate the effect in most of them and I will put someContinue reading “Factors that affect your performance test results”

How often you should execute Performance Testing

I think this is one of the questions that you may hear or you may want an answer for it. How often we should do it , what should be tested and how we decide if it is good or bad performance? I can’t say that I have an absolute answer for all of thisContinue reading “How often you should execute Performance Testing”

How to write data from JMeter response to a csv file

I though about it when i wanted to execute a data prepration script to generate some system ids and use them in a another script , but how can i get a certain value from the response and write to a file , CSV file specifically. In this post i will tell you how iContinue reading “How to write data from JMeter response to a csv file”

Increase Number of users generated from your local machine

Number of user generated from your local machine depends on your local machine specs but what if you can generate more users with number of tricks. 1. Don’t use listners Listners consumes a lot of memory to be able to display information and do the necessary calculations , the less listners you use the moreContinue reading “Increase Number of users generated from your local machine”

Stop JMeter test run when reaching a specific number of requests

You want to execute a JMeter performance test but you don’t want to exceed a specific number of requests , is it possible? Yes it is 🙂 What if we can get the value of the current iteration and make a condition to stop the test when reaching a specific values. This can be doneContinue reading “Stop JMeter test run when reaching a specific number of requests”

Generate GUID in Apache JMeter

Although there is no dedicated sampler in JMeter to generate GUIDs but you can use the built-in functions to generate them. In this article i will share with you how to generate GUID that is unique by user and iteration and use it through your JMeter thread group or test plan. Steps: Open JMeter andContinue reading “Generate GUID in Apache JMeter”